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Question: Why study Kabbalah?To answer that, we must read not only the explanations of the Kabbalists regarding the Upper Worlds, but also the connection between the Upper World and ours . There seem to be two separate parts to Kabbalah: the first speaks of the creation of the creatures as a consequence of the thought of the Creator (the Thought ...

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Qu’est ce que le Zohar?


Le Zohar est un recueil de commentaires de la Torah, conçu dans le but de guider les gens qui ont déjà atteint un haut degré spirituel sur le chemin de la racine (origine) de leurs âmes.Le Zohar contient tous les états spirituels que les personnes expérimentent lorsque leurs âmes progressent. A la fin du processus, les âmes parviennent à ce ...

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Is there free will


An ancient prayer says: “Lord! Give me strength to change the things I can change, give me courage to accept the things I cannot change, and grant me wisdom to know the difference”.What exactly can we influence in our life? Do we possess enough freedom to change our destiny? Why can’t we naturally obtain this wisdom? Why, in spite of ...

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From Arosa, Switzeland


The general global crisis of humanity became a revealed matter to the whole world through the depression, drugs, collapse of the family, terror, uncontrollable social systems, the threat of the use of nuclear weaponry, ecological catastrophes, and more. For example, according to the data that was published by the European Council in “Gruenbuch”, Europeans suffer from serious depressions that lead to ...

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From the wise man


In our generation we see that all the sages are convinced that all people have to study the Science of Kabbalah. but what is it about this Science of Kabbalah? Why is it that people have tostudy it, and if they did not, their life will be not worth living? In order to understand it we have to accept the Kabbalistic ...

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Drugs is becoming the one most increasing strategic problem of the entire world. it is not define by country nor by certain race of people but a problem that invading every country. Yet who is doing anything about it? Politicians do not take too much interest in this problem, since all their concern is how to rule over someone or ...

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Revealing Kabbalistic Knowledge


the three Reason to Reveal the Knowledge There are three reasons for concealment of the knowledge of the wisdom of kabbalah.we will take each reason and shed the light on it to explain the circumstances of why there was a ban in the past and all the sudden now the wisdom is being disclosed to the public and every one is encouraged ...

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Purpose of Society 1


We have gathered here to establish a society for all who wish to follow the path and method of Baal HaSulam, the way by which to climb the degrees of man and not remain as a beast, as our sages said, “And you My sheep, the sheep of My pasture, are men.” And Rashbi said, “You are called ‘men,’ and idol ...

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Purpose of Society 2


Since man is created with a vessel called “self-love,” where one does not see that an act will yield self-benefit, one has no motivation to make even the slightest motion. And without annulling self-love, it is impossible to achieve adhesion with the Creator, meaning equivalence of form.And since it is against our nature, we need a society that will form a ...

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Concerning Love of Friends


1) The need for love of friends.2) What is the reason I chose specifically these friends, and why have the friends chosen me? 3) Should each of the friends disclose his love for the society, or is it enough to feel love in one’s heart and practice love of friends in concealment, and thus not need to openly show what ...

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